Holy Trinity Parish Church, Meldreth

Link Murang'a

Link Murang'a is a partnership between the Parish Churches of Melbourn and Meldreth and the Diocese of Mount Kenya Central in Kenya - Murang'a is the administrative town of the Diocese of Mt Kenya Central.

It grew out of a visit to the parishes by Bishop Julius Gachuche in 1998, prior to his attending the Lambeth Conference. While, perhaps inevitably, the Link has entailed our providing material, and financial assistance for several projects that the diocese is engaged in, we are anxious not to lose sight of the fact that this is a partnership, a sharing of our Christian ministries and faith, and an opportunity to learn from each other and grow together in our shared faith.

There have been several visits by members of our congregations to Murang'a. These visits have consolidated the links between the churches, and have been very vivid reminders to those who went, both of the strength and vitality of the church in Kenya, of its huge commitment to development and to improving the Living standards, health and education of the community on the one hand, and of the material needs of the people in the Diocese on the other. We have drawn very heavily on the one, and are committed to providing what help we can with material assistance on the other.

We have sponsored a number of women through a three year Motor Mechanics course, have provided the funding for improved water tank for the Training School, and helped to fund the building of staff houses on the campus. We have assisted with the costs of a borehole, pump, piping and storage tank for water in a drought ridden area in the Diocese, and as part of our support for education, we have collected and sent out books for the schools. Currently we are supporting the building of a dispensary in a very poor area in the south of the Diocese. The Kambiti Project aims to provide basic health needs for the local community including immunisations for children and basic pre and post natal care for women. Malaria and Typhoid are a particular problem.

Link Murang'a is part of the outreach work of the churches of All Saints', Melbourn and Holy Trinity, Meldreth. Further information can be obtained from: Karen Lillie or Bernice Gregory.