Holy Trinity, Meldreth - Bells Appeal

Friday 10th April 2015

The bells are lined up, then loaded onto a lorry, to be taken to Whitechapel Foundry. A small crowd, including John Gipson, who did the last major work on the bells n 1968, watched the loading. Then the remaining parts of the bell frame had to be taken out; it was a long day!

1. The bells on their way out

2. John and Derek inspect the bells

3. Loading the lorry

4. Watching the fifth

5. A good crowd watch the last bell (tenor) being loaded

6. All bells on lorry

7. Frame being taken apart

8. Bell chamber floor

9. Empty bell chamber

10. Bell chamber roof - lifting beams remaining for the installation of the new frame

Video of tenor being loaded

Video courtesy of John Price

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