Holy Trinity, Meldreth - Bells Appeal

Thursday 9th April 2015

The remaining bells were lowered to the base of the tower, then the rest of the day was spent preparing the frame for dismantling; undoing lots of bolts (requiring varying degrees of brute force and intelligence), as well as tie rods down into the clock chamber and the remaining fittings.

1. Date on tenor

2. Lifting third out of its pit

3. Lowering the third

4. Lowering the third

5. Mike and Derek in action

6. Canons on tenor

7. Canons on sixth

8. Inscription on treble

9. Seventh ready to lift

10. Headstocks - you can see where the canons went

11. Lowering the seventh

12. The last bell reaching the floor

13. Part of the frame coming down

14. The remaining frame looking very empty

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