Holy Trinity, Meldreth - Bells Appeal

Wednesday 8th April 2015

The initial job was to re-secure the metal frame that housed the 2nd bell above the rest, so this could be used to support a pulley for raising and lowering things. Most of the day was spent fitting steel lifting beams, lifted up to the bell chamber in sections, then with a 12-foot wooden beam on top of them. The first bell to be lowered to the church floor was the tenor. It was first transferred from one lift to another, to move it up then across, before being transferred to the chain hoist to lower it to the church floor.

1. First lifting beam in place

2. Moving the tenor out of its pit

3. A tight fit through the bell chamber floor

4. Lowering the tenor

5. Lowering the tenor

6. Derek with the tenor

7. Peter Scott and Derek Sibson

8. Derek introducing Rachel (from Genoa) to the tenor

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