Holy Trinity, Meldreth - Bells Appeal

Tower Work, Monday 3rd - Wednesday 5th August 2015

Having constructed the new foundation beams the previous week, the next task was to concrete the ends into the tower walls. This required more than two and a half tonnes of concrete, keeping two mixers working for two days. And it all had to be hoisted into the tower in buckets on a rope and pulley. Many ringers helped with this, most notably Jim on the mixing and Jane on the hoisting. Some Heath-Robinson style shuttering was required to block the holes and much dexterity needed to get the concrete in to them, packing it firmly under and behind the beams. Some work was also done to improve the floor in the clock chamber.

1. Shuttering for concrete round beam ends

2. Concrete in window aperture

3. Concrete with shuttering removed (later)

4. Clock chamber floor - before

5. Clock chamber floor - after

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