Holy Trinity, Meldreth - Bells Appeal

Tuesday 7th April 2015

The bell-hangers from Whitechapel arrived on Tuesday, to start work on removing the bells and frame. The first job was to remove wheels, stays, clappers and other fittings.
Then the challenge was more logistical; moving bells around to give room to access the trap door below the pits of the bells 4 and 5. The bit of frame between those pits was then removed, to allow access.

1. Clock covered for protection

2. Lowering half a wheel

3. Stays, clappers and wheels removed

4. Clappers

5. Starting to look rather bare

6. Pulley by the 3rd

7. No clapper in the 2nd

8. Lifting beams to go up in to tower

9. Bells start to be moved, to make room for further work

10. Part of frame being removed

11. Three bells in one pit!

-> Wednesday 8th April