Holy Trinity, Meldreth - Bells Appeal

Open Day - Saturday 27th September

An open day was held at Holy Trinity church, Meldreth, to launch the appeal for the restoration of the bells, the most rung church bells in the world, so that they can be in a first-class condition, ready to continue ringing for the rest of the 21st century.

There was plenty to see and do, with displays of information, an impressive spread of handbells and the Diocesan Association mobile demo bell, in addition to the ring of eight bells in the tower. A video camera was set up in the bell chamber, which showed how the bells swung full-circle as the ropes were pulled. And there was plenty of demonstration ringing to watch and listen to, with experts to explain what was going on.

The event attracted both ringers and non-ringers. The ringers ranged from novices, who took the opportunity for a bit of extra practice, through more experienced ringers from the local area, up to the expert peal ringers, who are regulars here. Several lapsed ringers enjoyed finding out that, like riding a bike, they hadn't forgotten the knack of ringing. Non-ringers came from both Meldreth and Melbourn, as well as from further afield, and most tried their hand on the end of a bell-rope, finding out just what up to half a ton of swinging metal feels like.

It was good to have so many young visitors, who were keen to have a go at everything, even if they needed to stand on a few boxes to reach the ropes! One four-year-old showed an impressive style on a tower bell many times her own weight and even younger visitors were able to swing the demo bell, set up outside in the sunshine in front of the church porch.

Thanks to all those who gave their time to contribute to the success of the open day, by demonstrating, explaining and assisting, and especially to those who made and served the refreshments.

We are also very grateful to the many visitors who donated generously to the appeal for the restoration of the bells. Over £500 was donated, which, together with Gift Aid, will be worth even more.